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Shooting stars  P. hendersonii

Fawn Lily Gardens is a small native plant nursery on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada.  Since 1986, we've been growing our favourite native bulbs, spring ephemerals, and drought-resistant plants with attention and affection. For many years these were sold at the Salt Spring Island Saturday Market. Since 2020 we now sell through online pre-orders (email) and by appointment.

This website is constantly being updated, but things change from week to week, month to month, and year to year.  And we spend more time in the garden than online!  Check out our Gallery for photographs. More information on each plant will be posted soon. Thank-you for your patience. Please look at our pages to see what we offer!

Primula hendersonii Shooting Stars  (was Dodecatheon hendersonii) blossoming in April

Fawn Lilies Erythronium oregonum

The nursery began when we first grew  the seeds of the (deeply loved) Fawn lily, Erythronium oregonum. The first seeds came from broken seed-heads on a roadside -- where some serious ditch-work was about to scrape them away.

Those seeds grew and flowered. Over  the years we added a few seeds from Retreat Island (our family home) for genetic diversity. The Garden now has thousands of "Ery-o" plants, and we've shared and spread hundreds of seeds to places we hoped they would grow (and they have).      

Erythronium oregonum   blossoming in the garden in April

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