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Trees, Shrubs, other plants and more

We usually have 2 and 3 year old  Dogwood trees (Cornus nuttallii) for sale.

Every year we gather and plant seed from two enormous old trees at our home,

then select the strongest and most disease-resistant ones to grow on.

Two-year old trees are $25 each.

We also grow other native trees and shrubs,

but these are not always available (due to summer drought).

Arbutus (Madrone) Arbutus menziesii

Garry Oak  Quercus garryana

Red Cedar Thuja plicata (n/a 2024)

Mock Orange  Philadelphus lewisii

Red-flowering Currant  Ribes sanguineum (sold out 2024)

Ocean Spray  Holodiscus discolor

Osoberry Oemleria cerasiformis


occasionally we have these non-native plants available

that we grow just for their beauty or personal connection.

Athyrium niponicum (Painted Fern)

Erythronium dens-canis

Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus (Hemerocallis flava)

Hemerocallis "Catherine Woodbury"

Lewisia cotyledon

Sempervivum sp.

+ more



Our nursery is small, but we sometimes have plants and seeds available when larger places are sold out.

If you are looking for native plants in large amounts or for landscaping and restoration,

we recommend  Satinflower Nurseries

and Fraser's Thimble Farms


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