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This is a basic list of what we have for sale at the nursery.

We have many more plants, but because their stock is limited, they aren't listed here.

Things are constantly changing and we will do our best to keep this page current!

We check all of our plants every day - which takes time - and we are not always quick on the computer.

There are times when a plant gets sold out and we have to rebuild our stock.

Sometimes we have young plants that are not mature enough to sell.

If there's something you really want, please send an email and we will see how we can help you.

Prices reflect how long it takes a plant to mature.

We sell healthy plants at blossoming age, often with more than one plant to a pot.

Younger plants are mentioned in the description.

In general:

3"- 4” pots are generally $5- $6

6”pots are $7- $8

½ gallon are $8 -10

1 gallon pots are generally $12 to $15 except for specialty items (plants that are difficult to grow

or take more than 3 to 4 years to reach blooming size)


Allium amplectens  Slimleaf Onion. Native to Salt Spring Island. Several bulbs in each pot. 4” $6.00

Allium amplectens, pink.  A pink-blooming selection that is exceptionally attractive to bees.                                                                                         Several bulbs in each pot 4" $6.00

Allium cernuum   Nodding Onion.  Native to Salt Spring Island. Several bulbs in each pot. 4”  $6.00,   6" $8.00  

Allium cernuum “album” White-flowered Nodding Onion, garden sourced. Several bulbs in each pot 4” $6.00  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Camassia leichtlinii  Great Camas. Native. 4”pot (3 year old plants)  $6   Please inquire about mature bulbs.                          

Cerastium arvense   Field Chickweed 4” $6.00  Not Available 2023                                                                                                                                                               

Delphinium menziesii   Menzie’s Larkspur. Native to Salt Spring Island. An absolutely gorgeous plant.                                                                              It can grow from 5 to 24 inches tall.  In cultivation the colours range from deep royal blue                                                              to lilac.    4” $6.00   Gallon $10  

Dodecatheon hendersonii - see Primula hendersonii

Dodecatheon pulchellum - see Primula pauciflora


Eriophyllum lanatum  Woolly Sunflower. Native to Salt Spring Island. Sourced from wild seeds a decade ago.  6”pot $7                                               Not Available 2023

Erythronium oregonum  White Fawn Lily,  Native to Salt Spring Island. 1gallon pot  $15  (2 + bulbs) by special order only

We prefer to sell these as bulbs in late summer through fall.

                                           Large blooming size bulbs (over seven years old) are $9,

                                           Medium (4 years or older, will most likely bloom) are $6,

                                           Small are a dozen for $10 (small are not available in 2023 due to drought)

Fritillaria affinis (F. lanceolata)  Chocolate Lily. Native to Salt Spring Island. Blooming size bulbs are $10 each.                                                                      A small amount available in autumn 2023. 

                                             In the spring of 2024 we may have flowering plants available in pots                                                                                                                                                                                    

Heuchera micrantha   Small-flowered Alumroot  These have delicate sprays of flowers that add wonders to bouquets.                                                       They are long-lived (We have plants in our garden that are 30 years old) . 4” $6 , ½ gallon $8.00

Lithophragma parviflora    Woodland Star. 4” $6 Native to Salt Spring Island.

Lomatium nudicaule  Wild Celery, Barestem Biscuitroot  A very special plant! Native to Salt Spring Island.                                                                       ½ gallon $8.00,  gallon $10.00

Lomatium utriculatum  Spring Gold. Native to Salt Spring Island.   4” ,  1/2 gal  $8

Micranthes integrifolia    (a.k.a. Saxifraga integrifolia) Easy to grow in a wet but well drained area. Do not let it dry out                                                 in the spring. In the summer it will completely die down and is drought-proof!    4”  $6                         

Maianthemum dilatatum  False-Lily-of-the-Valley. Heart-shaped leaves, grows well in shade in humus rich soil.                                                                    ½ gallon $8  gallon $10

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Olsynium douglasii   Satinflower  4”/$6  or  6”/$10   Sold out 2023                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Perideridia gairdneri   Yampah. Native to Salt Spring Island. Flowers in August/September, a great late-blooming plant.                                     Every part of it is edible. One-half gallon $8,  gallon $14


Primula hendersonii  Broad-leaved Shooting-Star. Native to Salt Spring Island.   4” $6.00,  1/2 gallon $10  

Primula pauciflora var. pauciflora  Few-flowered Shooting Star.  4” $6.00.  Large plants, very striking!1/2 gallon $10 - $12


Romanzoffia tracyi  Tracy's Mistmaiden.  Native to Vancouver Island. Such a sweet little plant!  3"and 4" $ 5-6

Sedum lanceolatum ssp. nesioticus   The short, tough, native Lance-leaved Stonecrop, found only on rocky islands

                                                                 in the Salish Sea. Limited quantities.  4” $6.00

Sedum oreganum  Oregon Stonecrop. My plants originally came from Hornby Island  4” $6.00

Sedum spathulifolium  Broad-leaved Stonecrop. "Cape Blanco" originally from Oregon.  4”  $6.00

Sedum spathulifolium  Broad-leaved Stonecrop. Native to Salt Spring Island.  4" $6.00


Symphyotrichum sp. (subspicatum?) Douglas Aster  This species is under review (meaning I can't guarantee what I have).                                            A wild SSI Aster that loves sun and water.  1/2 gal $7 


Tellima grandiflora  Fringecup. Native to Salt Spring Island. For shady locations with adequate water.    

                                                       Wonderful fragrance! 4" 6.00

Triteleia hyacinthina  Fool's Onion or White Brodiaea. Native to Salt Spring Island.  4”  $6.00  ½ gallon $8.00

Vancouveria hexandra  Inside-out flower.  Native to Washington and Oregon, and hardy here. A delicate, fern-like groundcover with small white flowers. It should be better known. 1/2 gallon $8.00.

Vancouveria planipetala  Native to Washington and Oregon, and hardy here. This grows luxuriantly in dry shade with a covering of Douglas Fir needles or other light compost. I never have to water it!  But it doesn't like to be pot-bound. If you want some, please send me an email and I'll dig some up for you. $8.


If I don't have what you want, please check out  Fraser Thimble Farms  

and  Satinflower Nurseries

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